Generous Jesca Nakamugu

Generous was born on the 24/7/2020.


She loves to play in the dirt with her siblings and be carried on her big sisters back.


Generous has hydrocephalus, which was very severe when she was a baby, causing swelling on the brain. Life Charity Focus raised money for her to have a shunt inserted in early 2021 and this has helped her condition significantly. Generous is now able to hold her own head up and sit with minimal assistance.


Generous stays with her parents on a small piece of land. They solely rely on farming for their income and as a source of food. Unfortunately this is too little for them to afford basic needs like education and medical care.


She has five brothers and three sisters,


Your sponsorship will be a blessing to the entire family.

Generous Jesca Nakamugu

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  • There are two prices that you can choose between for sponsorship - $45 a month or $65 a month. However some children can only be sponsored including boarding school as they have very poor or no living arrangements. For these children only a $65 per month option is available.


    • $45 a month includes enrolment into our private school, medical care, access to unlimited water and 2 meals a day.
    • $65 amonth includes boarding at our private school, medical care, access to unlimited water and 3 meals a day.
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