Innocent Tawoda

Innocent was born on the 24th of July 2011.


Innocent was born a typical developing baby. At 3 days old, he contracted an illness that caused him to have severe fevers. From then on, Innocent has not met developmental milestones. He cannot walk, talk, feed himself or independently complete any activities.


Innocent was discovered by an LCF staff member last year. He was found abandoned in a house, laying on a hessian bag. His parents abandoned him years ago and his sorrowful neighbors
occasionally fed him. He was extremely malnourished and
unwell, also suffering from tuberculosis.


LCF made a team decision to take Innocent in as an LCF adoptee. It was also decided that sponsoring Innocent would not be an option, as it has been an uncertain journey, with us not sure if Innocent would survive. LCF rented a house and hired a full-time carer for Innocent. He is now thriving, with regular medical checkups and daily visits from a staff member. He has since been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Innocent Tawoda

Sponsorship option
  • Innocents sponsorship is $200 per month due to his unique care expenses.


    Monthly sponsorship money will go towards;

    • House rent
    • Full time carer
    • Electricity bills
    • Medical care
    • Food and water
    • School fees for our very own special education school,once Innocent has had more time to heal and become stronger.
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