Passy Gimbo

Passy was born on the 24th of November 2013.


She enjoys dancing with her sisters.


Passy stays with her father and two sisters in a semi permanent house. Her mother separated from her father leaving them under her father’s care.


Passy was born with very weak muscles and cannot walk alone. She is not able to talk but understands everything and is very eager to learn.


Passy's father is a farmer on a small piece of land and farms for food and as a source of income. 


Passy's father does not earn enough to provide the extra care she requires to thrive.


Your support will be a blessing to the entire family.

Passy Gimbo

  • There are two prices that you can choose between for sponsorship - $45 a month or $65 a month. However some children can only be sponsored including boarding school as they have very poor or no living arrangements. For these children only a $65 per month option is available.


    • $45 a month includes enrolment into our private school, medical care, access to unlimited water and 2 meals a day.
    • $65 amonth includes boarding at our private school, medical care, access to unlimited water and 3 meals a day.
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