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For additional information or questions not found below, do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you soon after.

  • What exactly does sponsorship include?
    Sponsorship includes a private quality education for your child, free medical care for the entire family, access to unlimited clean water and 2-3 nutritious meals a day. The family also receives a range of benefits, including an opportunity to attend education/training days.
  • What does my sponsor child receive when they are first sponsored?
    Within the first week of sponsoring your child, they will receive a sponsor starter pack. This includes a mattress, mosquito net, blanket and enrolment into our private school. You will receive an email with photos of your child receiving their sponsor starter pack.
  • Does the family of my sponsor child benefit?
    LCF is very passionate about including the entire family in the sponsor journey. When a child is sponsored, the entire family are able to receive free medical care! LCF runs training days for parents which includes education on modern farming, family planning, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene. Although we only allow 1 child per family to be sponsored, the entire family benefits in a range of different ways!
  • How long should my sponsorship last?
    Sponsorship is a lifelong commitment. LCF emphasises the importance of putting children through high school, university and supporting them when they one day have their own family. This is the only way we will make real change, to ensure that our children receive a quality education, acquire a job and sustain a stable income. This is how the cycle of poverty will we broken.
  • Why are there different prices for sponsorship?
    For some children there are multiple prices that you can choose between for monthly sponsorship. However some children can only be sponsored including boarding school. $50 a month includes enrolment into our private school, medical care, access to unlimited water and 2 meals a day. $70 a month includes boarding at our private school, medical care, access to unlimited water and 3 meals a day. Higher monthly prices are for children with additional care needs.
  • What are the benefits of paying the extra $20 a month for boarding?
    Placing a child in boarding provides them with so many opportunities to strive and thrive! What the boarders receive is not just a roof over their head, but a bed, 3 nutritious meals a day, love and support, extra study time with teachers and companionship. Boarders also avoid the 5-10km walk to and from school each day. Our youngest boarders at school are just 3 years old. Although this seems too young, these children receive more adequate care and their families are very happy to have them in boarding. The boarding living conditions are better than most of the homes these children come from, in fact some refuse to go home for holidays.
  • Can I send gifts and letters to my sponsor child?
    You are welcome to send as many letters and gifts as you like. Purchase gifts here Email letters to
  • What happens if I am no longer able to continue to sponsor my child?
    We will immediately start looking for a new sponsor for your child. If you can, please give us notice to prevent us having to pull your child out of school before finding another sponsor (if we are successful in finding another sponsor). If we do not have success finding another sponsor, unfortunately your child will be taken out of school. But please know we appreciate the support you have provided to LCF and your sponsor child!
  • How can I communicate with my sponsor child?
    You are welcome to write letters to your sponsor child as often as you like. See more information here
  • Can I visit LCF and meet my sponsored child?
    We love visitors! You are more than welcome to come and visit us here at LCF. If you would like to visit us please get in contact on You will get the chance to see the running of the school, and of course most importantly, you will be able to spend time with your sponsored child and visit your child’s family in the village.
  • Does the CEO/founder get paid out of the sponsorship fee?
    Our CEO and founder do not get paid to do the work they are doing for LCF!
  • Where does the sponsorship money go?
    $1 a month out of your sponsorship fees is used for the international transfer fee (that is just $12 a year that does not reach your child!!!). NO administration costs are taken out of your money. All staff in Australia volunteer and we are committed to fundraising each year to pay for staff’s wages in Uganda. Some of our staff in Uganda are also sponsored! We understand that people may be sceptical, but please know, we are very passionate about ensuring your child receives the whole sponsorship amount!
  • Can I volunteer to help in Australia?
    Our team is always looking for motivated people to help us fundraise for our Ugandan family! Everyone on our team is a volunteer who is passionate about helping our beautiful children and their families. We do not have any specific ‘positions’ to fill, however we have ongoing projects that we always need help with!! If you are creative and have ideas of how you can help, please get in touch! We are ALWAYS open to fundraising ideas and would be happy for you to help us raise funds.
  • Are sponsorship fees and donations tax deductible?
    LCF is a registered charity and all fees and donations are fully tax deductible. You will receive a tax invoice via email at the end of each financial year.
  • What happens when my child reaches high school?
    Our LCF school goes from baby class to grade 7. When your child graduates from our school in grade 7, we do research and look into what high school will best suit your child. We currently have 3 private high schools we engage with, where our high school sponsor students attend. Your sponsorship fee remains the same, however we do recommend you upgrade to the boarding option of $70 a month due to the amount of extra study time and sport requirements. When your sponsor child is at high school, we do regular visits and also ask your child to visit the LCF office on a regular basis.
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