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"Education is the most fundamental tool needed to eradicate poverty. Since having the opportunity of being a teacher, I have first-hand seen the impact that education has on the future generation" - Paul Abukol, Grade 6 Teacher

Fund a staff member

Our staff members educate, nurture, inspire and mentor our children, changing their lives forever. Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

There are significant running costs associated with our special children at Hearts of Hope. By sponsoring a staff member at Hearts of Hope you will enable us to retain the best possible staff for our students.

Sponsor a staff member by making a monthly contribution.

At Life Charity Focus sponsorship and donations are 100% tax deductible. 

What does staff member sponsorship cover?

A competitive income

Our staff members are highly qualified, passionate about their purpose and role models for the future generation.


We appreciate them and pay them a competitive income that is well deserved. They also receive a travel allowance to get them to and from school, and they receive two meals a day while teaching at school.

Regular professional development

Regular professional development training courses include and are not limited to:


  • Early literacy development

  • Social and emotional development in primary school aged students

  • Technology and digital learning in the classroom

  • Reflection and goal setting within the classroom

  • Child wellbeing and protection

  • Gender equality practices in a school setting

  • Intercultural competence and awareness



Grade 3 Teacher

"I was inspired to become a teacher when I realised that education is freedom for children in Uganda, the only way to break the cycle of
poverty. Teaching has given me the opportunity to provide for my own family, however it is truly difficult to sustain a job in Uganda."



Kindergarten Teacher

"Teaching the future generation is a privilege as it enables me to contribute to changing the lives of children and their families forever.  I dreamed of becoming a teacher when I was a young girl, I used to love playing
teachers in the village, and today I still have the same passion."



Grade 5 Teacher

"I have been given the opportunity to transform the lives of children, small and big. Teaching widens knowledge through research, it is a calling. It promotes team work and enables a teacher to discover and understand students differences and builds relationships. Being a teacher allows me to promote strength, freedom and education to the children of Uganda."

Our Vision

To see children and their communities transformed from helplessness to being able to live a meaningful and sustainable life

Our Core Values


The resources we have are beyond important to us. And every cent we use is considered responsibly to make the greatest impact.

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