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Your generous donations to Life Charity Focus, no matter how big or small, keep us going     

Where do my donations go?

Donations enable us to continue our mission of empowering our community in Uganda by giving them a quality education, better health outcomes and more local employment opportunities. 


The more funds we raise, the more we can do to fight poverty. 

See the areas you can donate to below

Critical needs

Our critical needs our always changing and sometimes they can catch us by surprise. Donating to our critical needs ensures there are always funds to go towards our most crucial needs.

Current projects

Donate to the projects we are currently working on. Every cent makes a huge difference in our mission to empower children to have a great future.

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Future projects

Our future plans are many. Help us continue our work in Uganda and beyond. 

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Make a donation today and help stop the cycle of poverty in Uganda

Our Core Values


The resources we have are beyond important to us. And every cent we use is considered responsibly to make the greatest impact.

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