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"My sponsors love me. My parents are so happy because they never imagined my life to be this good" - Sharif, 16 years old

Get Involved

There are so many ways you can support Life Charity Focus. We truly appreciate every helping hand that helps make everything run.

We exist to love the broken, strengthen the weak and encourage the weary.

Why Life Charity Focus?

We exist to love the broken, strengthen the weak and encourage the weary.

Almost no admin fees

All Australian staff volunteer their time. Staff and teachers in Uganda are fully funded through donations, fundraisers and fee paying students. This means your donations and sponsorship go where it's needed most - to the children and the broader Ugandan community.

The community

We regularly go into the local villages of our sponsor children and provide the community with free education on farming, sanitation, health and family planning.

Family medical care

If the sponsors immediate family members are unwell they go to our head office in Uganda, are assessed, and then referred to a doctor for treatment.

It's personal

We have built our own private school so all children sponsored can be closely monitored.


We facilitate regular correspondence between the sponsor child and sponsor. 

Our Core Values


The resources we have are beyond important to us. And every cent we use is considered responsibly to make the greatest impact.

Our Vision

To see children and their communities transformed from helplessness to being able to live a meaningful and sustainable life

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