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To see children living a healthier, productive and sustainable life for enhanced growth and development through holistic and systematic approaches.

Our Story

Life Charity Focus was established in 2015 jointly by Moses Gorie in Budaka Uganda and the Carter Family, who are based in the farming town of Nyngan in New South Wales, Australia.

From age 8 Moses was sponsored through a sponsorship program by the Carter family and quickly their relationship as a family deepened.  


The Carter family, recognising Moses’ intellect and ambitions, decided to finance Moses’ private schooling and university. 

Due to the generosity of being sponsored by the Carter’s, Moses was inspired to establish his own sponsorship program.


The Carter’s did not know if he would achieve his dream, but they gave him every possible opportunity to do so.


They are so happy that they decided to go on this life long journey together.

Currently they are together providing quality education to over 1000 children, who as a whole have received the highest academic results across the whole Budaka region in Uganda!

Our Vision

To see children and their communities transformed from helplessness to being able to live a meaningful and sustainable life

Who we are

Life Charity Focus (LCF) is a community based, non-profit organisation operating in Eastern Uganda in the Budaka district.  LCF is much more than just a sponsorship program. It also provides private quality education for over 1000 children.

In 2017, the first grade 7 class graduated from our private school. They sat their primary national examinations, and not one child failed. In fact, the school received the best grades in the entire district.

The classes at our school contain no more than 35 children per room, reinforcing private quality education. From grade 4, children learn about gender equality and family planning. 


The children at school each day receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch, safe transport to and from school and unlimited clean water. There are girls and boys boarding houses also situated at the school.

What the boarders receive is not just a roof over their head, but a home, a bed, 3 nutritious meals a day, love, support, extra study time and companionship. 

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