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"My sponsors love me. My parents are so happy because they never imagined my life to be this good"

- Sharif, 16 years old

Why write?

Receiving a letter quite literally makes our children’s day, week, or even year, as it shows your sponsor child that they are in your thoughts.  Our children cherish letters so much that you will often find the them hung on a wall or tucked away in a safe place, so they can read them over and over again - they become a prized possession!

You can communicate and build a meaningful connection with your sponsor child from across the world. Words on a page are not just words on a page to your sponsor child, they are words that deliver hope, courage and so much joy!

Sponsor children love hearing about:


  • Your family - children, parents, pets, siblings

  • Fun facts and interesting things about your home country 

  • Your hobbies 

  • School experiences that made you happy


We encourage all sponsors to send photos, so that they can put a face to their sponsor family and see what they are up to!

Letters have the power to provide sponsor children with love, support and confidence.

Post letter:

(Child’s full name)

Life Charity Focus Uganda PO Box 31 Budaka Uganda

"Because we are all in this together to rock the world"

                                                                                      - Irene Baseke, 18 years old. Sponsored from age 12


Irene - 18 years old

"In 2011 my life was changed. My future is now bright. It is very important to note that without education, the future cannot be. I hope to become a designer and I know LCF will help me, because we are all in this together to rock the world!"


Wilberforce - 14 years old

"I have got a bike, goat, mattress, blanket, mosquito nets and I now have a sponsor mother, because my own died many years ago. I want to make LCF and my sponsor proud in the future"


Emmanuel - 15 years old

"When my dad died, I felt hopeless, and I left school. My sponsors constructed me a house and enabled me to study in an amazing school. If it was not for my sponsors, I would be on the streets by now"

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