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School Starter Pack

All the education materials a child need to thrive at school! These materials will stimulate, engage and educate young people for years to come. Education changes everything!


The appropriate school starter pack will be purchased for your sponsor child based on their year at school.


  • Pack one is for students in nursery to grade 3. This pack includes: 12 workbooks, 12 pencils, 12 pens, 12 coloured pencils, a water bottle, a school bag, school shoes and a packet of paper (a school requirement).


  • Pack two is for students in grade 4 until the end of secondary school. This pack includes 12 workbooks, a box of pens, a maths geometry set, 12 pencils, a school bag and a packet of paper (a school requirement).

School Starter Pack

  • Upon checkout your delivery address will be required. No gifts will be delivered to your address. This is a mandatory field that we are looking to get rid of in the near future. Your address will only be used for invoice purposes. 

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