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Scovia Kwiri

Scovia is one of our beautiful cooks at Hearts of Hope. She is 30 years old and a single mother of 5 children. Scovia's husband died last year whilst fishing. Whilst Scovia is at Hearts of Hope cooking each day, her mother cares for her 5 children. She does a wonderful job of making sure our staff and children are well nourished and is passionate about supporting our children with disabilties. 


By sponsoring a cook you will not only help us retain the best possible staff for our students at Hearts of Hope, but also help with the rising running costs that are associated with our truly special children at Hearts of Hope.

Scovia Kwiri

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  • Staff sponsorship fees cover:

    • Wages 
    • A travel allowance (to and from school)
    • 2 meals a day while teaching at school 
    • Regular professional development training courses
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