To see children and their communities transformed from helplessness to being able to live a meaningful and sustainable life.

Why Life Charity Focus?

We exist to love the broken, strengthen the weak and encourage the weary.

Almost no admin fees

All Australian staff volunteer their time. Staff and teachers in Uganda are fully funded through donations, fundraisers and fee paying students. This means your donations and sponsorship  go where it's needed most - the  children and the broader Ugandan community.

The community

We regularly go into the local villages of our sponsor children and provide the community with free education on farming, sanitation, health and family planning.


We also provide them with seeds and fertilisers to plant crops and earn an income.

Family medical care

If the sponsors immediate family members are unwell they go to our head office in Uganda, are assessed, and then referred to a doctor for treatment.

It's personal

We have built our own private school so all children sponsored can be closely monitored.


We facilitate regular correspondence between the sponsor child and sponsor. 


How does sponsorship work?

Our mission is to see children living a healthier, productive and sustainable life for enhanced growth and development through holistic and systematic approaches.



 A wonderful commitment that will change your and their life 

The sponsor children love hearing from their sponsors. They feel so encouraged knowing they are  supported and loved


Education reduces the cycle of poverty. It increases annual earnings, reduces economic inequalities, promotes economic growth and enables individuals to have better access to health care. 
UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report  

"Because we are all in this together to rock the world"

                                                                                      - Irene Baseke, 18 years old. Sponsored from age 12


Irene - 18 years old

"In 2011 my life was changed. My future is now bright. It is very important to note that without education, the future cannot be. I hope to become a designer and I know LCF will help me, because we are all in this together to rock the world!"


Wilberforce - 14 years old

"I have got a bike, goat, mattress, blanket, mosquito nets and I now have a sponsor mother, because my own died many years ago. I want to make LCF and my sponsor proud in the future"


Emmanuel - 15 years old

"When my dad died, I felt hopeless, and I left school. My sponsors constructed me a house and enabled me to study in an amazing school. If it was not for my sponsors, I would be on the streets by now"

Get Involved

There are so many ways you can support Life Charity Focus. We truly appreciate every helping hand that helps make everything run

We exist to love the broken, strengthen the weak and encourage the weary.

Life Charity Focus

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CEO of LCF, Anna Carter joins the show to talk about how the charity started, and why it was such a personal project for Anna to get involved in.

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